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The Maidens of Maidan

Too long the red serpent has slithered prodding us like cattle with our own trident. So we gladly join the procession to the slaughterfrontier. The burning tire pyres our pillars; our nostrils; our thick black rage. Why must we desecrate the land … Continue reading

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Cut It Down

The word “imminent” is the new buzzword being thrown around by American government officials. When applied as a preface to ‘terrorism’, the word imminent takes on a supremely vague new meaning and can be applied to literally any situation and … Continue reading

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What Differentiates a ‘Chick Flick’ From a Guy Film?

It’s all about angles. Because the camera lens acts as your eye while watching a film, providing you a window to the world being presented on the screen in front of you, the camera eye has the power to frame … Continue reading

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My Baby is a Genius

And his father thought he’d never amount to anything …

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Man Law is Just as Annoying as Hyper-Feminism

Man-Law is a lot like feminism. They are both annoying and obnoxious, are poor representations of either sexuality, and come dangerously close to a homosexual combustion. The way you guys feel about a hairy-pitted, screaming skin head feminist is exactly … Continue reading

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Cutting Through the Boredom with Literal Horse Shit

So what is the remedy to boredom? Why doing mushrooms of course. In a small, dank, cat-infested apartment to be exact. With Robert Delong blaring and hands up, eyes bugged, Joker-laughing until you are happy/scared. It was a good time, but … Continue reading

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Don’t Give In or Up

Holy shit I am old. 26. And I still haven’t got it figured out yet. First of all, I’ve sold out. I work in a footnote of my industry of choice, producing content whose headlines I wouldn’t even bother to finish reading … Continue reading

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