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The Patriots

(I came across a box of old writing scraps and memorabilia. In it was this poem. Written at the age of 15, it’s pretty strange how a young girl can develop such a sensitivity to the international political climate from … Continue reading

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The Romani of Istanbul

The Romani people, formerly known as “gypsies,” are wandering merchants and entertainers who originated in Northern India and moved into Central and Eastern Europe. They are some of the most musical people in the world. In late August, I ventured … Continue reading

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     When I was 19 I went to jail.      I was at a party. It was one of my first parties, so I over-prepared. I picked up a case of beer, a bottle of whisky, and a quarter … Continue reading

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Fiends to Friends: How modern Western culture has transformed the vampire myth

From Bram Stoker’s classic novel Dracula, to the hot new television series True Blood, vampires have clearly endured in pop culture. One might even say that they are immortal. Whatever their origin, this long procession of folklore reveals that these … Continue reading

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