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What Differentiates a ‘Chick Flick’ From a Guy Film?

It’s all about angles. Because the camera lens acts as your eye while watching a film, providing you a window to the world being presented on the screen in front of you, the camera eye has the power to frame … Continue reading

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Man Law is Just as Annoying as Hyper-Feminism

Man-Law is a lot like feminism. They are both annoying and obnoxious, are poor representations of either sexuality, and come dangerously close to a homosexual combustion. The way you guys feel about a hairy-pitted, screaming skin head feminist is exactly … Continue reading

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The London Journal of Flora Tristan

     Flora Tristan’s “The London Journal of Flora Tristan” is one of the earliest wholly female activist endeavours. The medium is perfect for the message. Tristan used journalism as a guise to attack and expose the city of London’s … Continue reading

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Cat Woman

I did spend time throwing my body over couches, sighing deep from the belly to sad music and murky martinis. I was so heavy I would crash land at the bottom of long-necked bottles with red stained lips. But I … Continue reading

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