IMG_2257messedHey there,

First of all, I am not a blogger, I just love to write. The content you will find here is only biographical in between the lines.

The purpose of this literary venture is to stimulate a dialogue about the world around us.

To keep a critical eye on “the system” in which we find ourselves, in order to navigate around and within it without losing ourselves.

To share the wisdom that spirals out along the way of my self-inflicted duty to experience EVERYTHING, in the hopes that it will encourage experience, and generate that wisdom which can only be gained from those unfamiliar contact zones.

To find good things, unearth treasures, and throw them your way.

To wax subjective about the indicative in search of the objective collective.

To speak objectively about subjective subjects, in the subjunctive.

To play with language…

I encourage you to comment if you find something engaging. “Liking” is a cop-out, equivalent to the empty gesture of virtual “poking”. I enjoy a good poking as well as the next chap, but let’s keep it as real as possible in a cyber universe.

Insult me. Berate me. Let’s change each other’s minds, because aint that the spice?

See you on the front lines.




Also if you haven’t noticed I’m apparently super fucking pretentious.


2 Responses to About

  1. Toadfish says:

    Killer introduction. I can’t wait to see what you write.

  2. Pablo Corchon says:

    Wow, you have a way with words.

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