Cutting Through the Boredom with Literal Horse Shit

So what is the remedy to boredom? Why doing mushrooms of course. In a small, dank, cat-infested apartment to be exact. With Robert Delong blaring and hands up, eyes bugged, Joker-laughing until you are happy/scared. It was a good time, but boy oh boy are we ever an emotional pair.

Of course we start out laughing like maniacal schizophrenics in white nightgowns, but eventually the dark edges close in and we are both crying an hour and a half into the trip. About what? Oh anything, really. Boys. Childhood traumas. The aloe vera plant’s lack of sun exposure in the winter. One of the cats.

We are real nature-lovers when we are high. We can get real low when we’re high.

We did have an interesting realization though. We are sisters. Yeah. Pretty revelatory. But really it is an amazing thing. We are like twins, cut of the same mold; branches growing independent from the same trunk. Born with different views of the world but the same system for digesting it all. So we end up with kind of the same looking shit. You know? No, you don’t. Because you don’t have a sister who is practically the same age.

This is why I could never hate drugs. It opens up a part of your mind that otherwise gets closed off in favor of other more high-traffic channels, such as those for processing gas prices and deciding which show to watch after a “hard” day at work. Or taking the initiative to explain to your friend how to pronounce qui·noa.

The moral? Do drugs, sometimes.

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