Cat Woman

I did spend time
throwing my body over couches,
sighing deep from the belly
to sad music and murky martinis.
I was so heavy
I would crash land
at the bottom of long-necked bottles with
red stained lips.

But I have finished that crying now.
I’m standing, whole, in heels, somehow.
Calloused and glittering.
And I’m feeling rather cat-like down here off the wing.

Devils have romanced angels since the beginning of time,
charmed them stark raving naked in organized crime,
and they’ve all gone tumbling down, skirts in the air,
into forests of red fingernails, lost and impaired.
I met some new friends there.

And in this forest of frost
the burning between my legs has returned
stronger than stronger than stronger than
And it’s become my new master.
In this forest of frost
I am the snow queen.

Ima wear my black hood now,
Ima wear my white boots high,
find me some low-flyin angels
to join the dark side.

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